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How to Sign Up and Enter Art Competitions on EntryThingy

One of the most frequent questions we receive comes from interested artists and photographers outside the United States. They ask how to sign up for EntryThingy when the State/Province list does not include their location. The video below answers that question and more.

Start here

  1. On the competitions page, click on a competition and it will take you to the page for that art competition

  2. Scroll down and Click the "Apply Now on EntryThingy button"

You will be directed to the EntryThingy website Login page where you can also Sign Up.

Sign Up for EntryThingy

  1. Click on "Click here to sign up"

  2. Put in your first name, last name, email, and create a password

  3. Click "Sign Up" A dialog box will appear to verify your choices

  4. Click "Okay"

You will be directed to Location Information page. Anything that has a star, is mandatory and must be filled out.

  1. Go to "Country" first The default text is "United States"

  2. If this is not where you live, delete that and type in the country where you live

  3. Go to "State/Province" and select yours from the list If your State/Province is not listed or if you live somewhere that does not have states or provinces, select "***None***"

  4. Fill out the rest of the mandatory information to the best of your ability The "City" section is a good place to add in additional address information if you selected "***None***" for State/Province

  5. Please, go to "Website" and type in the URL for the best place for people to see your art online (this can be a professional art website, Etsy store, Facebook page, Instagram profile, etc)

  6. Click Submit. A dialog box will appear to verify your choices

  7. Click Submit

You are now signed up! You will be directed to the List of Active Calls for Art for Wild Heart Gallery.

Apply to a Call for Art on

  1. Decide which art call to enter; we often have more than one active at a time

  2. Click "Apply Now"

You will be directed to the Entry Instructions for that art/photography competition

  1. Read the Entry Instructions

  2. Check the box at the bottom of the page to verify that you read them

  3. Click "Continue to Next Step"

You will be directed to the General Entry Information page.

  1. Select a Category for your entry from the list; only 1 category per entry

  2. Click on "terms of entry" to read the terms

  3. Check the box to to verify that you agree to the terms

  4. Please, provide a short answer to "How did you find out about this call for entries?"

  5. Please, check the box for "My pieces may be used for publicity"

  6. Click "Save and Continue to Next Step"

You will be directed to the Add Entry Pieces page.

  1. Click on "Add Piece"

  2. Fill out Title, Description, Dimensions (use in for inches or cm for centimeters), and Material The more information provided to the judges the better Please check for typos, as much of this information is used directly from this online form

  3. Click on "Choose File" to select your first image to enter

  4. Navigate to and select your file on your computer/device

  5. Click "Upload"

Once upload is complete, you will see your image and all the supporting text you entered.

You can now either Add More Pieces or Submit your entry.

  1. To add another piece, click on "Add Piece" and repeat steps 1-5, above

  2. Click "Pay Now" to complete your submission At this time, we only accept payment via PayPal on EntryThingy Make sure to click on the colored part of the "Pay Now" button (not the text) and you will be directed to PayPal's payment portal

  3. Complete payment in PayPal as you normally do, and you're all set!

*Not in the video and not necessary to apply to our art calls: Please also click on "My Profile" at the top of EntryThingy and fill out as much as you are willing for the "Artist Statement" and "Resume" sections. This is a great place to give us more ways for people to find your work on social media, such as your @ or links to other art profiles.

Questions? Feel free to contact us or check out EntryThingy's help page.


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