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Meet Guest Juror, Ashli Kingfisher

Ashli Kingfisher splits her time between her art practice and her work as Program Director at Clever Octopus. Clever Octopus focuses on serving all ages of people in the arts and in the sustainability realm. She works in digital art, oil painting, murals, and more. Before her move to Utah, she was a community muralist largely through the non-profit Creative Art Works NYC. Her work has been exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, New York, New Jersey, and Sumatra. Some of her favorite collaborations were with the National Audubon Society and International Rhino Foundation. While living in NYC she was a contributing writer for Art File, where wrote about Cupid Ojala, Elisabeth Condon, and Josh Dorman.

In her personal practice, Kingfisher employs caricature/mannerist approach to her portraits of the natural world. She works largely as a painter and limner (one who draws). Ashli draws from the history of painting and the documentation of nature as her way to cope with watching the natural world die.

The image above is called, "Rhino-ocean."


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