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Meet Guest Juror, Elyssa Helfman

ELyssa Helfman, guest juror, in her vibrant art studio

Elyssa Helfman is an artist dedicated to honoring beautiful creatures with vivid colors, playful textures, and a grandiose impact. Intertwining high pigment acrylics, hand-painted acid-free papers, and intentionally partial portraits, her technique intrigues with a powerful purpose.

Elyssa especially strives to shed a new and lasting light on endangered animals by having the viewers develop a profound connection with the subject matter. Elyssa is creating an undeniable awareness for this critical cause through art and has committed to 10% of all proceeds benefitting wildlife conservation funds.

Encouraged by a lineage of creativity, chiefly her artist and art educator mother, Elyssa began painting and drawing as a toddler. She focused her efforts on art from her primary education at Pine Crest School through to college at University of Florida where she graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design with honors.

Elyssa is currently a Creative Director for a web agency in Fort Lauderdale where her design and branding expertise have won over 40 awards for her projects. Naturally, her graphic art background has infused into her present painting aesthetic.


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