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Meet Guest Juror, Sharon Eisley

Sharon Eisley is a contemporary Surrealist painter and Director of Sebastopol Gallery. Her work often incorporates animals, humans, and other aspects of nature. There is often a solemn playfulness embedded in her symbolism. She does not shy away from hard topics or rough emotion in her work.

From the artist, "I paint to try to capture a timelessness or emotion and our human and animal nature’s. My animal-headed people and obscured faces with wild so-human hair are then vehicles to carry that idea. Traditionally our cultures painted zoomorphic images to represent spirituality, aspects of God, a timeless force. These chimeras capture the awe of the viewer with their strangeness. In the same way, my landscapes and figurative works act as symbolic reflections of that journey. I hope my paintings tap into this 'Mystic' as modern-day totems residing in their everyday existence, just as we are individual spiritual people living odd and humorous and challenging and normal everyday lives. I am interested in transformation, in breaking through our paradigms."

Sharon Eisley studied Chinese brush painting in Taiwan, illustrated books at Pyramid Press, and graduated with a BFA from California College of Art (CCA). She worked as illustrator for 15 years and also painted a lot in her own series. Find her work at Sebastopol Gallery in California, and at the popular open studios Sonoma County Art Trails. @eisleyart


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