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2nd Annual Animal Portraiture Open, International Juried Art Exhibition

Rocket, by E.C. Kanko. Portrait of a basset hound by the sea
Rocket, by E.C. Kanko

We are thrilled to share our 2nd Annual Animal Portraiture Open exhibition! The entries are varied in theme, animal, medium, and style. Each piece tells us something about the subject, and in some instances it feels like the portrait knows us too. These artists and photographers did a fantastic job!

Congratulations to each artist whose work was accepted into Wild Heart Gallery's "2nd Annual Animal Portraiture Open" international juried art exhibition!

It is the goal of Wild Heart Gallery to support and promote animal and wildlife artwork in a wide range of genres and styles.

Artwork for this exhibition was selected by jury based on theme, originality, skill, and quality of work. Jurors were Sarah Soward, Sharon Eisley, and Ashli Kingfisher.

Awards: Best in Show, Overall Runner Up, Artivism Award, Overall Honorable Mentions, and Special Merit Awards.

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Rocket, by E.C. Kanko. Portrait of a hound with their favorite toy
E.C. Kanko

Rocket, by E.C. Kanko 16 x 20 inches, Acrylic on Canvas

From the artist, "Rocket the Basset Hound. Rocket was an easygoing, beach loving pup who liked to take his best friend Berry with him wherever he went. Berry was an excellent sidekick who just happened to be a stuffed prairie dog toy."

Each judge said the same thing, "We know this dog." The artist took animal portraiture up a notch and made sure that viewers understand who this basset hound is and what they care about most. On top of that, the amount of detail is appropriate to the art style, the color theory is sound, and the compositional choices captivated us (along with those huge eyes).

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Osiris, by E. C. Kanko. Cat painting with reflection
by E. C. Kanko

Osiris, by E.C. Kanko 18 x 24 inches, Acrylic on canvas

From the artist, "Osiris the cat, surveying the outside world from a windowsill. There is something about a cat being at ease that puts me at ease. And nothing puts a cat at ease quite like a good bird-watching window."

The judges love the subtle personality of this one. The cat is both hidden from view by the drapery but in full view via the window. Osiris is both fully present in this moment looking outside and reflected in the window, seeming to also look in. This cat has some serious depth of character.

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Joel Sobelson, elephant drawing. The elephant is disappearing into blackness.
by Joel Sobelson

Vanishing Species, by Joel Sobelson 24x16 inches, Pastel

From the artist, "The title says it all."



Congratulations to our Overall Honorable Mention winners, Suzy Engelman Block, Sienna Van Slooten, Andrew Strom, Ulla Muchardt, Luis Alfonzo, Heather Cudworth, Elena Ansaloni, Kiril Krastev - Kiroki, and Nicole Hanusek.



Congratulations to our Special Merit Award winners, Heather Cudworth, E. C. Kanko, Andrew Strom, Andrew Lincoln, Luis Alfonzo, Frankie Kellum, Margaret Ann Adams, Dadra Hunt, and Cher Pruys.


Selected Works

The level of artworks in this competition was outstanding! Because of this, there is an extensive selection of works that are selected for the virtual exhibition but are not awarded. This was a tight competition.

Congratulations to our Selected Artworks artists, Janet Whitehead, Igal Stulbach, Frankie Kellum, David Garber, Ted Shaine, Luis Alfonzo, Lana Burnett, Heather Cudworth, Margaret Grottenthaler, Elena Ansaloni, Heidi Weaver, Ana Johnson-Moore, Gayathri Seshadri, Pia Reintoft Korsholm, Julie Freund, and Gabriela Sepulveda.


Best in Show receives $100 cash award and promotion on the following: Art Week, Wild Heart Gallery’s (WHG's) growing social media and other online media channels, WHG's eNewsletter, and WHG's home page (for duration of the exhibition).

All award recipients receive promotion on Wild Heart Gallery’s (WHG's) growing social media/other online media channels and WHG's eNewsletter and inclusion in a virtual group exhibition that lasts at least one month.

This art exhibition was juried by Sarah Soward, Sharon Eisley, and Ashli Kingfisher.



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