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At Large, Animals on the Loose, International Juried Art Exhibition

Goshawk Bathing, by Chris Brain, photograph
Goshawk Bathing, by Chris Brain

Huge thank you to all the artists who contributed to this! We have a lively exhibition of animals on the move, in command, and giving excellent attitude. Enjoy the range of expression in both the subject matter and the art styles of these varies artists and photographers.

Congratulations to each artist whose work was accepted into Wild Heart Gallery's "At Large" international juried art exhibition!

It is the goal of Wild Heart Gallery to support and promote animal and wildlife artwork in a wide range of genres and styles.

Artwork for this exhibition was selected by jury based on theme, originality, skill, and quality of work. Jurors were Sarah Soward, Sharon Eisley, and Ashli Kingfisher.

Awards: Best in Show, Overall Runner Up, Artivism Award, Overall Honorable Mentions, and Finalists.

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Goshawk Bathing, by Chris Brain, photograph
Chris Brain

Goshawk Bathing, by Chris Brain 1100 x 1500 pixels, Photography

From the artist, "Exploring the wonder of colour presented by the spray from the subject bathing, together with the bokeh from the sun on distant foliage."

This gorgeous groshawk is in command of both air and water here. It's a perfect moment of action and alertness. The eye piercing through the water gives focus in the midst of all that motion. It's a bold balance of detailed feathers and blurred water. The interplay of light throughout creates varied rhythms that keep the viewer engaged.




A Tapestry of Lionesses, Carlotta Grenier, photograph of a pride of lions looking out from the branches of a tree
Carlotta Grenier

A Tapestry of Lionesses, by Carlotta Grenier 20 x 40 inches, Photography

From the artist, "Lions in a yellow bark tree in Tanzania."

This spectacular image is a series of stories in one. Each lioness is a different phase of a similar mood and purpose. The gaze of the lioness in the center, top, draws this photograph into a compelling whole. Excellently composed, lovely crispness.

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Walk through the Valley, photograph of lions and a gazelle in stark black and white.
Andrew Strom

Walk Through The Valley, by Andrew Strom 20 x 40 inches (Additional sizes available), Photography (Canon EOS R5)

From the artist, "This early morning shot, taken in Amboseli National Park in Kenya, shows a pride of lions walking and framing an impala silhouetted against the morning light. Shown in stark black and white makes quite the statement piece showcasing the balance between life and death."

This is a bold artistic choice, and we value boldness here at Wild Heart Gallery. The message is clear in the photograph, even with minimal visual information. On top of that, each animal in this piece is an individual, separate from the others and yet part of the whole image. It's stark and yet intensely interesting.

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Congratulations to our Overall Honorable Mention winners, Christina Fink, Joe Hom, Shawn Digity, Kerri Warner, Ira DellaMonica, Johanna Archer, Cher Pruys, and Lani Fowles.



Congratulations to our award Finalists, Johanna Archer, Andrew Strom, Christina Fink, Ira DellaMonica, Sarah Ritter, Vanessa Thorman, and Anna Kovacs.


Best in Show receives $100 cash award and promotion on the following: Art Week, Wild Heart Gallery’s (WHG's) growing social media and other online media channels, WHG's eNewsletter, and WHG's home page (for duration of the exhibition).

All award recipients receive promotion on Wild Heart Gallery’s (WHG's) growing social media/other online media channels and WHG's eNewsletter and inclusion in a virtual group exhibition that lasts at least one month.

This art exhibition was juried by Sarah Soward, Sharon Eisley, and Ashli Kingfisher.



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