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MOOD. Animals with Attitude 2024, International Juried Art Exhibition

Bella, by Mary Hogan, black and white photograph of a very moody tabby cat.
Bella, by Mary Hogan

Congratulations to the creators of our most MOOD-filled art! The theme is strong in this virtual exhibition with moods ranging from complete attitude to joy and everything in between.

Take a look below to enjoy a pretty full range of expression and emotion. There's sass, fear, disdain, glee, humor, rage, regality, coyness, tenderness, and full-on love. Art really can embody anything.

It is the goal of Wild Heart Gallery to support and promote animal and wildlife artwork in a wide range of genres and styles.

Artwork for this exhibition was selected by jury based on theme, originality, skill, and quality of work. Jurors were Sarah Soward, Sharon Eisley, and Ashli Kingfisher.

Awards: Best in Show, Overall Runner Up, Artivism Award, Overall Honorable Mentions, and Finalists.

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Bella, by Mary Hogan, photograph of a very moody cat
Mary Hogan

Bella, by Mary Hogan 12 x 12 inches, Photograph taken with a Sony A6400 camera, edited in Lightroom, and printed on Photographic paper.

We all know this mood. The choice to portray this in stark, highly defined black and white is perfect. We are excited about every part of this image: playing on symmetry/asymmetry, the way the fur is both blown out and highly detailed, the intricate highlights in the eyes, and that expression!

Thank you, Mary Hogan, for presenting us all with this perfect encapsulation of MOOD.

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Deborah Brosen, Is it Safe Yet? Artwork of a dog's face huddled in blankets.
Deborah Brosen

Is it Safe Yet? by Deborah Brosen 11 x 14 inches, Pastel on pastel matt

From the artist, "A lot of dogs have a fear of loud noises and thunderstorms. This cute little pup was hiding beneath the blanket waiting for the storm to pass. I couldn’t resist capturing this moment."

Our Overall Runner Up gives a poignant moment that is enhanced by composition, contrast, and color choices. The decisions around how much detail each texture or pattern would receive in this piece is purposeful and helps the viewer enter the paintings and feel this mood along with the dog.

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TAMAR, by Raquel	Fornasaro. Painting of turtle-headed people in a surreal scene meant to inspire thoughts about ocean pollution issues.
Raquel Fornasaro

TAMAR, by Raquel Fornasaro 48 x 36 inches, Oil on canvas 

From the artist, "Inspired by a foundation focused on marine conservation on the Brazilian coast called TAMAR Project, this painting is an homage to the efforts of this project to protect biodiversity and educate the population to become active allies to the environment."




Congratulations to our Overall Honorable Mention winners, Alexandru Sacui, Inga Simonyte Deniz, Carol Miller, Kelly Joines, Allison Luci, Yevheniia Motorna, Jennifer Owen, Suzanne Nielsen and Joe Christensen.



Congratulations to our award Finalists, Daniela Spagnoli, E. C. Kanko, Marie-Claude Goulet, cher pruys, Diana Cirjaliu Meliu, Inga Simonyte Deniz, Darlene Holman, Jen Crenshaw, Angela Helbling, Alexandru Sacui, Daniela Spagnoli, Johanna Archer, Tracy Warner, Lucy Farley and Lizzie Jayne.


This art exhibition was juried by Sarah Soward, Sharon Eisley, and Ashli Kingfisher.



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